Mikhail K. Dobkin


The President of the Regional   Publiic Organization Jujutsu Federation;

Shihan of the Martial Arts School “Tetsuken Shin Ryu Bu-Jutsu”;


5th Dan Tetsuken Shin Ryu Ju-Jutsu;

3d Dan  Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Ju-Jutsu;

3d Dan Bushikan Ju-Jutsu;

4d Dan Motoha Yoshin ryu jujutsu, shidoin

1st Dan Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju-Jutsu;

1st Dan Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Kobujutsu;

Okuden Reiki Mikao Usui from M. Matsedranath;

Internationally Certified Irigumi Judge, Member of Jiu Jitsu International (JJI)

 The Martial Arts School of Mikhail K. Dobkin has been functioning since 1990. Mikhail Dobkin is the founder of the first school practicing Jujutsu in Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov Region. 

Until 1991 he was a member of Board of Jujutsu Federation of the USSR, and starting from 1991, he was leading the Rostov Department of the International Okinawa Martial Arts Union which is a part of International Martial Arts Union.

From 2003 until 2009 he was an official representative of International Organizations in the Southern Federal District – “Bushinkai International”, “Moto-Ha Yoshin Ryu International”.

 Since 1990 Mikhail Dobkin has coached and instructed over a thousand people among whom there are many champions and prizewinners of various competitions, security service officers and bodyguards.

Mikhail Dobkin has learned various styles of Martial Arts since 1978: Judo, Sambo,

Jugo Ryu, Bushinkan Ju-Jutsu,  Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju-Jutsu and others.


M. Dobkin also has participated in the following competitions:

1995 – Moscow, IMAU (International Martial Arts Union), 3d prize in Ju-Jutsu;

2000 – Moscow, IMAU, 3d prize in Ju-Jutsu;

2000 – Moscow, IMAU, 3d prize in Kata;

2002 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA ,1st prize in Kobu-Jutsu;

2002 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 1st prize in Enbu Karate;

2002 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 3d prize in Iai Jutsu;

2003 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 3d prize in Kata Iai Jutsu;

2003 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 1st prize in Kobu Jutsu;

2003 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 2nd prize in Kata Karate;

2003 – Rostov-on-Don, WRKBA, 2nd prize in Kata Kobu Jutsu.

2012-Split,Croatia, Imperium World Cup 1st prize in Kata Ju-jutsu (Veteran)


Mikhail K. Dobkin is the author of many books:


"Street Fighter. Skill Levels" 2007, AST

"Street Fighter with a Knife" 2007, AST

Lethal Techniques of Samurai. Goshin Jutsu – the Art of Quick Victory over the Enemy", 2008, AST;

"Lethal Techniques of Pushing on Pressure Points"  AST, 2008;   

"How to Subdue an Armed Enemy", Moscow, AST, 2009.

"Tetsuken Shin ryu jujutsu.Shoden" Rostov-on-Don. 2012



Mikhail K. Dobkin has made the following movies:

Jujutsu and Kobudo, 2005

Tetsuken Shin Ryu Bu-Jutsu from 10th Kyu to 3d Dan, 2009